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We reward the loyalty and attention of our customers.

From 1st May to 31st December 2019, for every 10 USD (= 15,000 Lebanese Pounds) you spend you earn 1 Loyalty Point. This applies to non-discounted items.
Once you reach the predefined thresholds below you can take full advantage of the voucher for further shopping in our store.
star 3 points =   3  USD (4,500 LL)
star 6 points =   6  USD (9,000 LL)
star 10 points =10 USD (15,000 LL)
star 20 points = 20 USD (30,000 LL)

Lady Bio embraces the cause of Beit El Baraka, that helps 300 Lebanese families of struggling retirees. In case you would like to support this important initiative you can decide to devolve to it your accumulated loyalty points. Lady Bio will provide the equivalent in money of your points to Beit El Baraka. More information about Beit El Baraka on:
Instagram: beitelbaraka